About Us

Gabotse Kitchens was established in Pretoria in January 1994 by Gawie vd Westhuizen and duly registered as a Closed Corporation. It is a family business which expanded to the Mossel Bay area in 2001.

This branch is managed by Gawie, his wife Ina and Ella their daughter, whilst the Pretoria branch is managed by Gawie`s brother, Chris and his family.

These branches operate independently.

Naming the business was a fairly easy task, as it was decided from the beginning that only top quality products would be the order of the day and that the businesses name should reflect this therein.

The word “Gabotse” is derived from the North Sotho language meaning well / beautiful / good.

The ultimate goal is that if a customer should look at his finished cupboards and honestly can say “This looks beautiful”, then Gabotse Kitchens has succeeded in its mission.


Why Gabotse?

*Our Cupboards are modular units

*Only A-grade materials are used

*Professional tools, -service and –advice

*Workmanship of outstanding quality

*Excellent after sales service

*No work too small or too big

*Top quality work is reflected in clients` references

*Serve all markets e.g. private, building contractors, Government departments and Corporate Instances

*Proven track record of satisfied, happy clients

*Mission: To guarantee a client’s satisfaction


Proper market research was done and by applying various methods of manufacturing cupboards, it was decided to manufacture modular units. This means that each unit has two side panels to form a separate unit which is then installed next to another to form a kitchen as a whole. The construction on these type of units ensure optimal strength and life span and only purpose made, well tested fittings, such as hinges, drawer runners, etc. are used and guaranteed by suppliers.

As cupboard materials are fairly expensive, we aim to ensure that clients only receive products of the best quality. Due to these high costs it is impossible to replace cupboards every few years.

Quotations are specified so that clients know exactly what materials and finishes are going to be supplied. A client should demand such a quotation as there are many chancers (fly by nights) in all the industries. We often meet clients who were swindled by such persons resulting in financial implication as everything has to be redone.

Although we use independent, proven and contracted subcontractors to do installations, we take full responsibility for the final product.

The fact that we demand a guarantee from our suppliers means that all our clients have peace of mind knowing that we will deliver good after sales service.

We offer our services for all work, no matter how small or big. This means that we will be of aid where other instances might turn the client away.

Referring to the meaning of our name, Gabotse, we can say with pride that nearly 80% of our work realizes as a result of personal references (word of mouth) by satisfied, happy clients.

We already serve many markets such as: Private households, developers, building contractors, Government departments (like Onderstepoort Vet. Institute, Agriculture, Water affairs, etc), businesses and corporate institutions.